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A Long Road Ahead

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7 June
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Former Software Engineer, now studying to Civil Engineering.
algorithmic information theory, algorithms and data structures, artifical intelligence, astronomy, bryce, c++ programming, cartoon rendering and modeling, chilly weather, cinematography, com, combinatorics, compiler construction and design, computational geometry, computer algebra, computer graphics programming, constraint programming, cooking, costal hikes, debuggers, declarative methods of computation, direct3d, directx, elegant code, forth, java programming, java virtual machine, knot theory, language interpreters, lego mindstorms, lisp, literate programming, macro processors, metafont and metapost, new paradigms for programming, photoshop, playing team fotress, polyhedra, polyominoes, scheme, scripting languages, smalltalk, star wars, study of complex systems, tex, theory of computation, threads, zometool

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